Name: Leslie-Cheung.net
    Previously Known As: Leslie Cheung City and 100% Leslie Cheung
    URL: http://www.leslie-cheung.net
    Webmistresses: Carol and Laura
    Location: USA
    Languages: English and Traditional Chinese

    The idea of creating a Leslie fansite began in 1998 when I met several fellow Leslie fans at LCIFC. Being a huge Leslie fan, I thought running a Leslie fansite would be cool so I decided to start one on Maxpages. The page didn't have any pictures except for a brief profile. During my spring break of 1999, that was when I actually began creating my Leslie fansite, I bought FrontPage and tried playing with it. I signed up an account at Geocities and named my site Leslie Cheung City in April 1999.

    In 2001, I decided to buy a domain for my site, so I registered www.lccity.com for a two-year term. I didn't know much about domain and hosting at the time. The site was active for 30 days, and I had to cancel my hosting service since it was putting a huge financial burden on me. In 2003, I registered Leslie-Cheung.net with hosting service and I hope this site will meet your daily 24/7 needs for Leslie. Thanks for visiting!

    Leslie-Cheung.net is a non-profit fansite dedicated to Leslie and his ardent fans. This site is made for entertainment only - to promote Mr. Cheung, his works and bring his fans together. All copyright is to their respective owners - no copyright infringement ever intended.  If you have any inquires concerning the site, please do not hesitate to contact us.
    No part of the contents of this site may be replicated or modified for another's use without the site owner's permission first.  Thank you for your cooperation.