JOEY WANG: Last Song in Paris, A Chinese Ghost Story, A Chinese Ghost Story 2, Eagle Shooting Heroes
    The girl who nicknamed Leslie "Gor Gor" is surely special. Taiwanese actress Joey Wang is Leslie fans' favorite female co-star. Likewise, Leslie is Joey fans' favorite leading man. The enchanting love between Leslie and Joey in A Chinese Ghost Story have won the hearts of many movie fans.

MAGGIE CHEUNG: Behind the Yellow Line, The Fallen Family, Sunset in Paris, Days of Being Wild, Ashes of Time
    Apart from being educated in England, Leslie and Maggie make a perfect couple and share lots of similarities. The Double Cheungs are voted as the most favorite actor and actress in 100 Years of Chinese Cinema. Maggie is not only Leslie's love interest on-screen for a number of times but also his ideal woman off-screen.

TAKAKO TOKIWA: Moonlight Express
    Perhaps being a Leslie fan herself, Takako Tokiwa is voted as one of Leslie fans' favorite female co-stars. Despite the language barrier, Leslie and Takako have one of the best on screen chemistries in Moonlight Express.

ANITA MUI: Behind the Yellow Line, Last Song in Paris, Rouge, Who's the Woman, Who's the Man, From Ashes to Ashes
    Anita Mui is one of Leslie's best leading ladies and also one of his best friends. Their love and friendship extend from the music stage to the movie screen. The Cantopop queen made a number of appearances in Leslie's works.

FAYE WONG: Okinawa Rendez-vous
    Both Leslie and Faye are loved by music fans for their unique personality and charismatic voice. Although they have only collaborated once on-screen, fans see Faye as one of their favorite female co-stars.