Translated by Laura

    I have always thought that it's acceptable for fans to stand up for their idol. However, it is not wise for some fans to "shush" other singers. I “refuse to play” with those who act like this, okay?

    This is an express that people tell me that I say very often. Many times, I would add this express when I speak. At first, I didn't mean to use it on purpose and people teased me about it. I tried to change my habit, but I could not. Thus, I have decided not to change since they are not bad words. It's appropriate for me to carry this on.

    I don't change, I don't yield, and I don't negotiate. I believe in honesty, sincerity, and beauty. If one has to give in for favors, then life is pointless, meaningless, and too hypocritical.

    Since I was a child, I lacked the love from my father; thus, I love to see a happy family. I am eager to have a beautiful wife with a pair of cute children and live happily ever after. I would love to watch my children grow and then spend the rest of my life with my wife.

    Who doesn't want to receive awards in the showbiz?  For instance at the Oscar Academy Awards, people are touched to see an actor receiving his award while everyone in the audience is standing and applauding.  If I were in that situation, I’d be so happy and touched.  I would never refuse to receive awards since I deserve them.

    A list of Leslie's awards and nominations I will definitely retire. Seeing the stars I admired when I was younger aged, I feel sad.  I don't want my fans to see me age since I don't want to be on the B-list.

    I love staying at home. I admit that I'm a family man. I would rather watch TV and listen to music than go out. Many artists enjoy going to the disco, but what I fear the most is noisy places. Spending the night at home is the most pleasurable thing for me.

    I know I’m guilty for not having a girlfriend, otherwise people wouldn’t say that I’m gay.  If people say that I go after women, I’m fine with that.  However, if people say that I like men, this is truly terrifying! 

    Since I was little, I've never had a lot of friends. I lived with my nanny. I'm used to isolation and loneliness, so I don't like being around with a lot of people and I'm not afraid of loneliness. People say that loneliness is fearful; on the contrary, I fear of being in a place with a lot of people. When a place is full of people, then there would be more rumors. Rumors are the most fearful.

    I used to smoke quite often, especially when I was nervous. I decided to quit mainly for my health. In addition, many fans have written me letters, asking me to quit smoking. I'm touched by how much they care about my health, so I've decided to take the extreme action, that is, not to buy any cigarettes.

    I've tried to depend on others but to no avail. From now on, I can only depend on myself. But there are some people that I must depend on, they are my fans. Without their support, I would not achieve the status I have today. So, besides my fans’ support, I do other things with my own confidence.

    This is the song that marked a peak in my singing career. It was the most popular song in 1987, and Summer Romance was also the best selling album of the year. Therefore, it's significant to me. I hope that in the year 1988, I will have still have records as great as this one.

    My concerts have become the hot topic for many people. As for the number of concerts, I will not dispute. I'm only thinking about how to prepare for this concert so that it will be perfect. I also hope that this concert will bring me beautiful memories.

    I never shed tears. Someone taught me: Men don't display their emotions. I've always thought that crying is a sign of weakness. But when I left Capital Artists and joined Cinepoly, I felt a bit confused and frustrated since I was leaving those who cared for me and going to start something new. Fortunately, I received many fan letters showing their support. I was so touched and finally shed tears. .

    I'm not afraid of people talking about me, but they have to say it in front of me. Badmouthing someone behind his back is the most shameful and resentful behavior. I like to be straight forward although sometimes I offend people without knowing it. I only want to be myself and stick to my own principles. I will not speak against my heart.